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Traveling with a toddlers – strollers/babywearing are a must!


Its common knowledge that airports are breeding grounds for germs, the ticket kiosk, the carts, everything is germ laden. And if you have a toddler who wants to touch everything, keeping them germ-safe is a nightmare!! The last time I traveled long distance, to India, I was glad to just be able to strap my newly mobile baby where I could keep an eye on him. I also wore him when he got cranky and used the stroller to push around my cabin baggage.

While moms are born with extra hands, eyes and multitasking abilities, these just werent enough to maintain sanity while travelling 36 hours with my cranky 1 year old!

Now that my boy is 17 months old, and is a tiny bit less inclined to eat the wrapper someone threw on the airport floor, I have additional worries. Lord knows what he touches before he eats (shudder!!). So Ive taken to wiping surfaces clean in the vain attempt to maintain cleanliness. (Lost battle, right?). He loves to put his crackers / raisins etc on his stroller seat and eat them (I know, gross!), which is OK most of the time since Im always wiping it down, but thats one more thing to worry about when you travel. Enter stroller bags. The last time I flew, I checked in my stroller at the gate without a bag, and it came back with black grease and unnamed stuff on it. Needless to say, it was a painful process to clean out, I wore my baby the whole time because I didnt want to put him in a dirty stroller, and travel was extra tough.

Now that my boy loves his quinny, which is a blue instead of a dirt-friendly black, I decided I wasnt going to go through that again. I was looking for an umbrella stroller bag when I got the chance to try out one from Angel Baby. I love it – its red (which, IMO is the best color for a stroller bag to be). It has a nice name tag and a strong strap to carry the stroller or just haul it onto another piece of luggage if the toddler wants to walk.20160229_230453060_iOS And the best thing is that it zips into an inbuilt pouch. It takes up VERY less room in my backpack and makes having a stroller bag practical instead of a luxury as I used to imagine.


I like this bag and its definitely recommended. Disclaimer: I did receive the product at a discount in exchange for my review.