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FeFit workouts


FeFit     This is a workout system which has been around a bit, but something I just found. I love workouts, buying them, trying them and completing rotations. So far, in the last 9 years, Ive tried my fair share – SI6, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Chalene Xtreme, P90X, T25, Insanity, Slim Series, 21 Day Fix etc. Mostly BeachBody stuff. I even caved and bought myself PiYo when my son was born – kind of as a push present for myself!

Fast forward 16 months from the PiYo purchase, and the only workout I’ve done is the Align, the first workout you do to familiarize yourself with PiYo. I cant put a finger on it, but I have a mental block as far as PiYo is concerned. And the reviews Ive read arent encouraging. Time is at a steep premium here, and if the 45 min I spend everyday arent going to get me results, Id rather be catching up on other stuff during those precious minutes when my napping toddler will let me do stuff!

21 Day Fix was nice, but I was always hungry (I was breastfeeding so that might explain it), the low carbs hurt my milk supply, and I didnt see results. I was discouraged enough to quit, unfortunately. I tried to start working out again after a move across the country, and signed up for Beachbody on Demand, and tried Power half hour for a few weeks. I even doubled up to see results quicker. While I did get a good workout every morning, it was supremely boring, and after I pulled my hamstring doing one of the leg moves, I stopped PHH.

So……enter Fe Fit. So far, Im on Day 2 of the Summer Challenge. Ive pored over reviews and checkins for Fe Fit and havent found too much information online, Im not going to let that stop me though. So far so good, I did Total Body Toning 3 yesterday and Upper Body 2 today.Here is the rotation for the summer challenge if anyone’s interested. I’ll keep my progress updated here 🙂


This challenge is no longer available on the fe fit website, so forgive the grainy quality- I got the schedule from someone on videofitness.

If you own Fe Fit and have tried it, or are thinking of trying it- do comment and let me know where you are in your fitness journey. If you’ve tried it – what do you think about it? 🙂

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What I tried this week : MIO Motiva


OK, so I am a shopaholic. Spending money makes me happy, at least temporarily. Until I have to pay that credit card! So…I did something that would not be advisable for anyone with issues being thrifty –  I signed up for groupon (coupons for all sorts of things-tickets, goods etc). Thats like a dieter signing up for a membership with a bakery.

Anyhoo, so I saw this awesome deal for a MIO Motiva on groupon. I had been hunting for a good heart rate monitor for a while. Ones with chest straps just aren’t as comfortable, and my bowflex keeps sliding down during a workout, which can be frustrating.

So, after much deliberation, during which time I lost out on the deal for the MIO Active (which does a few additional things), I went ahead and bought the MIO Motiva for $40. That was two weeks ago…

So far, I love it. I have it set to the 3500 calorie countdown setting. It’s great to see how many calories I burn during a walk or a workout (disappointingly lower than I thought !). I wear it when I take my dogs out, though its hard to hang on to 90 lb dogs while trying to measure my heart rate! But unless you measure your heart rate, it will count the calories burned during exercise as 0.

I tried this out, I started the exercise timer when I took Dog 1 out, measured my heart rate once, and thought it would apply that to the whole period. Now the dog in question is not your regular labrador (i.e relaxed, low energy). He does not heel, and bounces  rather than walks. So measuring my heart rate was nowhere in the vicinity of my attention. I was focused on not being dragged face down on the road, and not letting my dog see the lady with the pram. Since I ran most of the 30 minutes trying to avoid everyone else who decided to be on the road at the same time, I know my heart rate mustve been pretty high. Unfortunately, my MIO couldnt see that and decided that I didnt burn any calories. So when I took Dog 2 for his walk, I constantly measured my heart rate. Dog 2, being your regular lab, took the time to smell the roses (or jasmine in this case), watch lizards crossing the road, and admire nature in general etc. You get the point. He is totally laid back and couldnt care less about ladies with prams. So, while I had the leisure to measure my heart rate frequently, it wasnt that high, given as I took double the time to cover the same distance as I did during my earlier walk. End result- my MIO said I burnt 0 calories!!! I was righteously indignant. But when I worked out this evening and checked my HR every 5 min or so, it seemed pretty accurate and told me I used up 437 calories. (Im so proud of myself!)…so, I think I will still trust the MIO. It can obviously not tell if Im running or not if I dont measure my heart rate, fair enough. And probably my heart rate during the second walk was close to normal, considering how slowly we were walking, so I will give the MIO the benefit of the doubt.

Here’s me wearing my MIO. The black glossy fur is Dog 2 trying to paw that huge watch off my wrist.

Wearing my MIO

Yes, it says ET MIO. Go ahead, laugh. Yes, my crazy family calls me ET! Way back when I was a high school kid and my sister was in college, she got this crazy idea of calling me ET (I dont think either of us remembers why)….Unfortunately the name stuck. And my husband, who was then my boyfriend, delighted in embarrassing me with the name. I was so easily embarrassed back then!! He still calls me ET in public, but I am not so easily humiliated any more-even when the name causes everyone in the room to turn and look for the “ET”! I have been attached to the name ever since…here’s one of my ET dolls from Universal- 

Anyway, so I called my MIO, ET MIO and personalized it with my gender, height weight etc….and it told me I need to eat 1200 calories a day to lose an lb a week!! I never eat so few calories!LOL…

Either way, I love my MIO. It is a fashion disaster with a watch face as big as my wrist, but I switched out the black strap for the orange and grey in the hopes that the bright colors would draw attention away from its size. I dont know if it drew attention away from the size, but the watch is definitely drawing attention. People in stores now comment on it and I even found a couple of people with the same kind of strap n all. Pretty cool!

Next post, I will post about my new Ice cream maker and dehydrator…

Until then, have an awesome day/night/weekend!

Working out – Insanity??


Spring is here already!! Shouldnt it have waited a week or two? Im not complaining, but this gives me less time than ever to work off the candy and cake pounds that were packed on well into February!

Im a pretty determined girl. If it comes to being disciplined and the rewards are worth it, I usually stick it out. Not being embarrassed to get in a swimsuit this summer is definitely worth it! So, given that I work all odd hours of day and night, gym is not an option. I have been an at-home exerciser for a few years now. I love the comfort of wearing whatever works and not being conscious about how fitter and leaner everyone else (at the gym) seems to be.

Now, a top seller of a variety of home workout stuff has been Beachbody, and Ive done a number of their workouts, Including Slim in 6, P90XTurbo Jam and Chalean Extreme. Ive got great results with most. The first time I did SI6, I lost around 20 lbs. But since then, it hasnt done much for me. Possibly because the music is so boring, and it is unbelievably tedious to do the same thing every single day for 6 weeks that I havent been super dedicated either.

So, I spoke with a friend who had tried Insanity. I will admit, I am intimidated by it…I have never been very athletic and jumping too much hurts my knees (wrong shoes??). Anyhow, she was convinced that nothing works as well as this, so I decided to give it a shot.

Insanity is a, well, insane program with Max Interval Cardio training (interval training turned upside down- with most of the training at your maximum and the “intervals” are your breaks) that pushes your limits. What pleases me so far is that it does not require any additional paraphernalia. So getting the videos and the guide is it. No weights, bands, pull up bars etc etc.

Now that I’ve gotten the videos, I am all set. And nervous. VERY nervous. I am starting with the Fit Test today….I will write here regularly about how its going, just to hold myself accountable that little bit more…..

Summer beaches, here I come!!