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Diaper bags – a critical accessory for mom!


My son is almost two. Like most women who love their purses, I am very conscious of my diaper bags, and started out with patterns and colors I liked. I contemplated a coach or LV diaper bag , but not being a celebrity who can afford to change bags when the baby spits up on a $2000 bag, that was out of the question. Over the months (almost years now), I have found that a mother needs more than two hands/arms!When the baby was young, I would wear him everywhere, so carrying a bag with a single strap or small handles wasnt a big deal, and as a first time mother, I was still new to motherhood and conscious of impractical things like appearances!
Fast forward two years, I am a practical person with readjusted priorities. I value sanity over my pretty bags. And now that my son is too independent to be worn, I need the ability to run after him AND carry all the stuff he needs.
Enter the backpack diaper bag…Ive been planning for moths to buy one. So when I got the chance to buy the bag nation diaper bag at a discount, I took that as an omen.
I love this bag! It has enough compartments to satisfy the craziest organization freak! The inner lining is a sturdy, blue, easy to clean material, and the shoulder and back pads are super comfy for the shoulders.

The bag has a top zip that I keep my quick access stuff in (like a pair of glasses, car keys etc). The center pouch is perfect for spoons and paper towel sachets. The third zip from top is a tiny compartment I use to keep my change (so I dont have to dig for quarters in the mall when V wants to ride the carousel!). Since my boy is old enough to not always need a changing pad (yes, we sometimes change diapers standing up if we dont have access to changing tables or if V wont lay down), I put it in the front velcro pouch- there if I need it, but not in the way.

The side compartment on one side is lined with insulating material to store food, drinks etc- perfect for his water bottle. The other side has a compartment for wipes- I LOVE the convenience of this access when said toddler would lie down for a diaper change


The two large compartments on either side are used for diapers, quick snacks, etc. Now for the main compartment! It is lined in blue, has the two soft pouches sewn in on one side and a small zip space on the other side that I use for my check books. The main compartment is large enough for some additional snack bags, change of clothes, some toys and books, and the additional case that comes with this bag, which I use for my wallet, keys, pen etc.


I didnt receive the straps that the bag is supposed to come with, to hang the bag on the stroller, but I still love this bag for the freedom and convenience!!



Braun SE3170 Silk-épil 3 SoftPerfection Epilator


My take on my now 5 year old epilator. Those squeamish persons who are grossed out at the idea of hair/shaving/discussing it should really not read on. To the rest of us women who have no choice but to deal with these things, the epilator is a blessing!

Being a woman, there are a million things that concern us about our appearance. The “simple” topic of hair can cause a conniption (are my eyebrows too thick/thin, is my hair too long/short – too curly/straight – too thick/too thin – not the right color etc etc) . In fact, so obsessed am I by all of the above that a single strand of hair under my chin, which not even my husband noticed, made me so conscious that I was uncomfortable in public till I could tweeze the thing off! Fortunately, (or not), I am not the only weirdo in the world. If the internet is to be believed, most – if not all- women are freaks.

A freak I may be, but Im also chicken when it comes to subjecting myself to avoidable pain. The epilator is amazing, yes, but the women you see on TV who smile their way through the process of yanking hair off their limbs by the root must be high. Or have CIP (congenital insensitivity to pain). For most healthy adults, tearing hair out by the roots is a painful process.

Nevertheless, I braved the pain to epilate my arms and legs in the hope that I wouldnt have to worry about it for a month (or at least a couple of weeks as promised by the advertisers). Nope, no such luck! I ended up with what can only be described as a rash, probably my body rebelling against such torture, and it took less time for the hair on my arms and legs to grow back than it took for the painful red spots to vanish!

This is not something against the product though. The epilator is great- it does what it claims to do (Braun never claimed the process was going to be pain free), and 5 years after owning it, I still use it for underarm hair…one spot where I hate having a stubble.

For what it does and how long it has lasted me, I think this is an awesome epilator- totally recommended!



Classics and favorites – Pride and Prejudice!


I recently revisited an old favorite, Pride and Prejudice. I love Ms Austen’s skill of presenting the mundane in such a way as to make it exciting. Anyhow, since I now know most of the lines by heart, I wanted more. I found Pamela Aiden’s spinoff – Fitzwilliam Darcy – a Gentleman (a trilogy of books that represent the goings on of P&P from Darcy’ viewpoint).

I guiltlessly spent money on the books since the kindle version cost as much – the thought of a library never occurred to me – and set about devouring the books within three days. In addition to playing tennis and working, I pride myself in that accomplishment. As Ms Aiden would say – proper pride!

Not a bad book per se….I would have liked the end to go a little beyond P&P, but then the author only claims this to be the same story from Darcy’s viewpoint, so that is not really a flaw. I am, however, disappointed somewhat with the Darcy I met in her pages. I believe it is rightly said that one should not meet one’s childhood heroes, one is sure to be disappointed. Darcy was not my hero, but he was definitely my ideal crush. I grew up reading P&P over and over again, and with each reading, the character of Darcy grew a little more in my mind.

I am someone who dislikes watching movie adaptations of books I like. The characters as imagined by the director and producer never match what I have in mind…and having a very vivid imagination, all characters of books I read are real flesh and blood people to me. I was disappointed in Harry Potter, disgusted with Twilight, so-so about The Da Vinci Code and felt like my dream was taken and smeared with dirt with the 2005 P&P adaptation. Keira Knightly is the worst Elizabeth ever! The Darcy wasnt too bad….

Anyhow, I cannot blame Aiden for her representation of the character as she saw it. But to me, that spoiled my mental Darcy a little bit.

Do you read? Do you like movies that step out of the pages of books you love? I think it will take me a while before I can venture on another Jane Austen extension. I guess I will try Emma next – never liked her much anyway!