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Book review – Got Luck




I love reading. If you know me, you know this fact. If you dont know me, but have seen my blog, you still know this fact. So when I got the chance to review a book for a publishing house before it released, I jumped on the chance. The book is a fantasy/suspense novel by Michael Darlings called Got Luck. The title is a little weird for something that is supposed to inspire suspense. But thats ok. The tone of the novel is very modern, so I guess the title goes along with it. And it definitely inspires curiosity.

The book itself is not very long- around 270 pages, so if youre a quick reader, you can read it in a day or two. I like such books as much as the 1000 page ones. If youre on a long flight, this is just the kind of book to keep you from dying of boredom and yet short enough that you dont have to carry the “book baggage” too long.

I liked the book pretty well. If you arent looking to think too much and want to read for the fun of it, Got Luck fits the bill. The language of the protagonist (Goethe ) is extremely annoying to begin with, with silly sarcastic humor that sounds very teenager-like. It improved as the book progresses, and is pretty bearable by the end. The unnecessary sarcasm kind of killed the thrill of the climax a bit, but its ignorable.

The characters are pretty nice – they are well introduced and described. You eventually feel like you know them, and some I even liked, like Beil. The plot of the story flows well, its a little choppy in a couple of places, but on the whole, the author takes the reader through the events without too much of a bumpy ride.

Michael Darling has even left the end open to a sequel, and if one comes out, I believe I would spend money to read it- the story definitely is interesting and leaves you wanting to know what happens to all the characters until you reach everyone’s happily ever after!