Diaper bags – a critical accessory for mom!


My son is almost two. Like most women who love their purses, I am very conscious of my diaper bags, and started out with patterns and colors I liked. I contemplated a coach or LV diaper bag , but not being a celebrity who can afford to change bags when the baby spits up on a $2000 bag, that was out of the question. Over the months (almost years now), I have found that a mother needs more than two hands/arms!When the baby was young, I would wear him everywhere, so carrying a bag with a single strap or small handles wasnt a big deal, and as a first time mother, I was still new to motherhood and conscious of impractical things like appearances!
Fast forward two years, I am a practical person with readjusted priorities. I value sanity over my pretty bags. And now that my son is too independent to be worn, I need the ability to run after him AND carry all the stuff he needs.
Enter the backpack diaper bag…Ive been planning for moths to buy one. So when I got the chance to buy the bag nation diaper bag at a discount, I took that as an omen.
I love this bag! It has enough compartments to satisfy the craziest organization freak! The inner lining is a sturdy, blue, easy to clean material, and the shoulder and back pads are super comfy for the shoulders.

The bag has a top zip that I keep my quick access stuff in (like a pair of glasses, car keys etc). The center pouch is perfect for spoons and paper towel sachets. The third zip from top is a tiny compartment I use to keep my change (so I dont have to dig for quarters in the mall when V wants to ride the carousel!). Since my boy is old enough to not always need a changing pad (yes, we sometimes change diapers standing up if we dont have access to changing tables or if V wont lay down), I put it in the front velcro pouch- there if I need it, but not in the way.

The side compartment on one side is lined with insulating material to store food, drinks etc- perfect for his water bottle. The other side has a compartment for wipes- I LOVE the convenience of this access when said toddler would lie down for a diaper change


The two large compartments on either side are used for diapers, quick snacks, etc. Now for the main compartment! It is lined in blue, has the two soft pouches sewn in on one side and a small zip space on the other side that I use for my check books. The main compartment is large enough for some additional snack bags, change of clothes, some toys and books, and the additional case that comes with this bag, which I use for my wallet, keys, pen etc.


I didnt receive the straps that the bag is supposed to come with, to hang the bag on the stroller, but I still love this bag for the freedom and convenience!!



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