Book review – Crowns of the twelve 1 – Subtle Beauty



If you like fairy tales and fables, you will like the story line of this book. It is a slight twist of the Beauty and the Beast, as the description says, but it has bits of other fairytales woven into it.

Reviewing a book is a very personal thing, unlike reviewing gadgets or daily use products. Books call to readers differently. So to provide perspective to my review- , I like reading fantasy, I love fairy tales (I have Aesops fables saved as a favorite on my kindle) so ideally, Im a good target audience for this kind of book (although Im not a young adult)! The story line did interest me enough to go and get the next two books in the series as well, just for curiosity.
However, the language in the book is very off-putting. It sounds like the author does not know whether to stick with old-time English like the fairy tales or old, or to use modern language. Now Im no English teacher, but its a common strain through the book that the author “tries” to make the language sound fancy, and ends up spoiling situations that would have sounded a lot better in plain and simple English. Almost looks like the author flipped through the thesaurus and picked whatever word sounded fanciest to plug into random places.
For example, it sounds a little funny for a hero going to war and bidding goodbye to his fiancee “smirks” at her. Kind of killed the emotion for me.

However, the story itself flows at a good pace, and the language might not be an irritant to others. The author does try to insert morals into the story in places, so that is a good thing for young adults…The story is very predictable, but since it is pretty much based off of fairy tales, that is not something that takes away from the book. It is merely a fact.

The characters start by being interesting and likable. I grew to dislike the heroine by the end of the story, she seemed too silly even for a teenager. There needs to be a little something even in fairytales to make it believable (for example, the way beauty won over the beast’s heart in the original). However, the way the heroine acts is unbelievably stupid. Since it was the author’s intention to portray how silly the heroine was, and the author was successful, Id say the character portrayal itself was pretty good. The character herself, however, was annoying.

Criticism aside, I think the author has potential. She definitely captured my interest enough to get me to read her next book, and then the next, hence the 3 stars.
While this is not a book I would re read, it is good enough to pass time when you dont want to think too much.

I did receive this book in exchange for an honest review.


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