My take on stuff- cooling gel mat


Summer is stealing in upon us. Well, not quite, but we do have warmer days now. And if you live with me, the house needs to be a nice, cozy 78 degrees. Last week, I had a taste of what it feels like to feel too hot in a house set at 78 deg. I caught the flu from my toddler  and was miserable with my headaches and fever. As luck would have it, I had recently purchased the frosty pillow gel mat at a discounted rate to review. I couldnt believe my luck!!

I pulled it out of my husband’s pillow case (yes, he has claimed my gel pillow!) and slipped it into its own case – a nice cooling blue. It felt amazing on my fevered brow! Here is how it looks, and the next pic is of the case it came with.I was comfortable just using it with its own case….its soft and comfy!



While I did get this at a discounted rate for my honest opinion, the views are my own…and I love this gel mat!

If you want to get yourself this great mat, go ahead and use this discount code for a full 30% off your purchase: 30TMSN15. That is awesome value!! Hurry up before summer gets here 🙂


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