Educational implements for kids- alphabet magnets


As a first time mother, I am eager to try stuff that will help me to entertain, educate or feed my toddler. I guess by the time the second on third child comes along you kinda know what you like. Which may not be what your child likes, in which case, you, like me, are our there looking for new goodies for your kiddo.Essentially, anything to improve the LO’s quality of life.

A couple of months ago, I found fridge phonics- fridge magnets by Fisher price. My boy loves those, and consequently, has lost several of the letters in that alphabet set. So when I found the soma six magnetic letters, I was really excited to try them.

I have mixed feelings on this set. On the one hand I love the colors, they truly do catch the eye, and my LO loves sticking them on the fridge (we have no other surfaces for him to try these on).image

I really enjoy the fact that this set has lower case letters and upper case letters both, along with numbers of course. I remember when I was a little girl in pre K and we were doing lower case letters in school, the lower case ‘a’ was very hard for me to write. I’d learned it a different way, and it was hard for my 3 year old fingers to copy the print. I used my eraser so many times, it tore my note paper and earned me a beating (yes, corporal punishment is OK in Indian schools and definitely was when I was a child). The incident obviously left an impression (I still remember it almost 3 decades later!), so I think it’s very important to introduce lower case letters to little ones along with upper case letters so they can tell the difference and know it is the same letter that just looks a little different.image

A couple of things I am disappointed with – the magnets are really weak. They constantly slide down, and sometimes off, the fridge. I hurt my foot on one of these and I was annoyed at my toddler for leaving these on the floor for everyone to step on, when I saw one slide right off with no encouragement! My toddler’s reaction was hilarious!!!

A few of the pieces in my set are missing magnets too, so the quality control doesn’t seem to have been great. owe ear, as soon as I posted my review on Amazon, the company contacted me with an offer for refund or exchange, which I think is excellent customer service. I will contact them for an exchange because I really do like the set. Let’s see how quickly I get my set fixed 🙂image

Overall, I love magnetic letters for children, there are just so many games you can play that helps grow their intellect and love for words. And even for toddlers, handling letters makes them more familiar with the alphabet while they play with magnets (what kid doesn’t love magnets??)

Disclaimer: I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any compensation and the views are my own.




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