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Angel baby car seat travel bag


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the angel baby travel stroller bag. The car seat bag is another of those items that helps you travel clean with baby. I received this item in exchange for a review, but I have to say I love it!

I now have a toddler- he doesnt travel in the car seat in his troller, but does use the car seat in – well, cars. And he has toys , his favorite car seat canopy etc latched onto the seat. So when we travelled this time, we had to take the car seat and check it in. I was so thankful for this bag!! It kept everything neat and clean, and as is usual for the pacific northwest, it was raining. Thankfully the bag is waterproof so my pretty embroidered canopy stayed white and gorgeous!


And just like the stroller bag, this one is red, sturdy and zips into a little inbuilt pouch as well, Im really liking this company’s products!!


Go check it out –


Book review – Got Luck




I love reading. If you know me, you know this fact. If you dont know me, but have seen my blog, you still know this fact. So when I got the chance to review a book for a publishing house before it released, I jumped on the chance. The book is a fantasy/suspense novel by Michael Darlings called Got Luck. The title is a little weird for something that is supposed to inspire suspense. But thats ok. The tone of the novel is very modern, so I guess the title goes along with it. And it definitely inspires curiosity.

The book itself is not very long- around 270 pages, so if youre a quick reader, you can read it in a day or two. I like such books as much as the 1000 page ones. If youre on a long flight, this is just the kind of book to keep you from dying of boredom and yet short enough that you dont have to carry the “book baggage” too long.

I liked the book pretty well. If you arent looking to think too much and want to read for the fun of it, Got Luck fits the bill. The language of the protagonist (Goethe ) is extremely annoying to begin with, with silly sarcastic humor that sounds very teenager-like. It improved as the book progresses, and is pretty bearable by the end. The unnecessary sarcasm kind of killed the thrill of the climax a bit, but its ignorable.

The characters are pretty nice – they are well introduced and described. You eventually feel like you know them, and some I even liked, like Beil. The plot of the story flows well, its a little choppy in a couple of places, but on the whole, the author takes the reader through the events without too much of a bumpy ride.

Michael Darling has even left the end open to a sequel, and if one comes out, I believe I would spend money to read it- the story definitely is interesting and leaves you wanting to know what happens to all the characters until you reach everyone’s happily ever after!

My take on stuff- cooling gel mat


Summer is stealing in upon us. Well, not quite, but we do have warmer days now. And if you live with me, the house needs to be a nice, cozy 78 degrees. Last week, I had a taste of what it feels like to feel too hot in a house set at 78 deg. I caught the flu from my toddler  and was miserable with my headaches and fever. As luck would have it, I had recently purchased the frosty pillow gel mat at a discounted rate to review. I couldnt believe my luck!!

I pulled it out of my husband’s pillow case (yes, he has claimed my gel pillow!) and slipped it into its own case – a nice cooling blue. It felt amazing on my fevered brow! Here is how it looks, and the next pic is of the case it came with.I was comfortable just using it with its own case….its soft and comfy!



While I did get this at a discounted rate for my honest opinion, the views are my own…and I love this gel mat!

If you want to get yourself this great mat, go ahead and use this discount code for a full 30% off your purchase: 30TMSN15. That is awesome value!! Hurry up before summer gets here 🙂

Traveling with a toddlers – strollers/babywearing are a must!


Its common knowledge that airports are breeding grounds for germs, the ticket kiosk, the carts, everything is germ laden. And if you have a toddler who wants to touch everything, keeping them germ-safe is a nightmare!! The last time I traveled long distance, to India, I was glad to just be able to strap my newly mobile baby where I could keep an eye on him. I also wore him when he got cranky and used the stroller to push around my cabin baggage.

While moms are born with extra hands, eyes and multitasking abilities, these just werent enough to maintain sanity while travelling 36 hours with my cranky 1 year old!

Now that my boy is 17 months old, and is a tiny bit less inclined to eat the wrapper someone threw on the airport floor, I have additional worries. Lord knows what he touches before he eats (shudder!!). So Ive taken to wiping surfaces clean in the vain attempt to maintain cleanliness. (Lost battle, right?). He loves to put his crackers / raisins etc on his stroller seat and eat them (I know, gross!), which is OK most of the time since Im always wiping it down, but thats one more thing to worry about when you travel. Enter stroller bags. The last time I flew, I checked in my stroller at the gate without a bag, and it came back with black grease and unnamed stuff on it. Needless to say, it was a painful process to clean out, I wore my baby the whole time because I didnt want to put him in a dirty stroller, and travel was extra tough.

Now that my boy loves his quinny, which is a blue instead of a dirt-friendly black, I decided I wasnt going to go through that again. I was looking for an umbrella stroller bag when I got the chance to try out one from Angel Baby. I love it – its red (which, IMO is the best color for a stroller bag to be). It has a nice name tag and a strong strap to carry the stroller or just haul it onto another piece of luggage if the toddler wants to walk.20160229_230453060_iOS And the best thing is that it zips into an inbuilt pouch. It takes up VERY less room in my backpack and makes having a stroller bag practical instead of a luxury as I used to imagine.


I like this bag and its definitely recommended. Disclaimer: I did receive the product at a discount in exchange for my review.

Dogs are Gods way of giving us friendship and loyalty


There are a number of  “dog” sayings that Ive loved:

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  ~Author Unknown

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.  ~Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912


If anyone has read of my obsession with my fitbit, its fair enough to say that I wouldnt log but 2000 steps a day if it werent for my dogs. they keep me healthy and fit. And yes, it needs discipline to have a dog. As a working mother to a toddler, the joy and duty of walking my fur babies has, unfortunately, been outsourced. I know they want their human parents to walk them. They get so excited when I pick up their leashes. While they love their walker, it’s not the same. It’s like having a nanny take you to the park instead of mom….its still fun and you still go, but it’s not the same.

No matter how busy I get and how high or low life feels at the moment, my dogs are my blessings…they are my constants in life, my pillars of love. I can fight with my husband, feel like my toddler hates me, not like anyone else I’m dealing with..but nothing ever changes the amazing love my fur boys have for me. Nothing changes how comforting it is to hug them, or how loyally they follow me around when I wake up early for work and they’d rather still be sleeping.

I can’t wait for V to grow up a little, and to take him to dog shelters, to volunteer with humane societies, to share the love these pure creatures have to give.

Its heartbreaking to think that these amazing babies of mine will live less than I will, under normal circumstances. And yet, would I want to trust their care to strangers in their old age? Maybe not. The best thing we can do for those we love is to ensure their lives are good till the end. It is much kinder to be the one enduring the pain of being left behind, than leaving behind people to mourn for you. Obviously, this is not under our control, but I hope that my dogs will never know the sorrow of pining for anyone in their pack. How will they deal if one passes on before the other?

What a macabre post this is turning into…back to cheerful things then.

Have you ever taken selfies with your dog/s? I love how patiently my pups pose…here’s one with Tux:




Educational implements for kids- alphabet magnets


As a first time mother, I am eager to try stuff that will help me to entertain, educate or feed my toddler. I guess by the time the second on third child comes along you kinda know what you like. Which may not be what your child likes, in which case, you, like me, are our there looking for new goodies for your kiddo.Essentially, anything to improve the LO’s quality of life.

A couple of months ago, I found fridge phonics- fridge magnets by Fisher price. My boy loves those, and consequently, has lost several of the letters in that alphabet set. So when I found the soma six magnetic letters, I was really excited to try them.

I have mixed feelings on this set. On the one hand I love the colors, they truly do catch the eye, and my LO loves sticking them on the fridge (we have no other surfaces for him to try these on).image

I really enjoy the fact that this set has lower case letters and upper case letters both, along with numbers of course. I remember when I was a little girl in pre K and we were doing lower case letters in school, the lower case ‘a’ was very hard for me to write. I’d learned it a different way, and it was hard for my 3 year old fingers to copy the print. I used my eraser so many times, it tore my note paper and earned me a beating (yes, corporal punishment is OK in Indian schools and definitely was when I was a child). The incident obviously left an impression (I still remember it almost 3 decades later!), so I think it’s very important to introduce lower case letters to little ones along with upper case letters so they can tell the difference and know it is the same letter that just looks a little different.image

A couple of things I am disappointed with – the magnets are really weak. They constantly slide down, and sometimes off, the fridge. I hurt my foot on one of these and I was annoyed at my toddler for leaving these on the floor for everyone to step on, when I saw one slide right off with no encouragement! My toddler’s reaction was hilarious!!!

A few of the pieces in my set are missing magnets too, so the quality control doesn’t seem to have been great. owe ear, as soon as I posted my review on Amazon, the company contacted me with an offer for refund or exchange, which I think is excellent customer service. I will contact them for an exchange because I really do like the set. Let’s see how quickly I get my set fixed 🙂image

Overall, I love magnetic letters for children, there are just so many games you can play that helps grow their intellect and love for words. And even for toddlers, handling letters makes them more familiar with the alphabet while they play with magnets (what kid doesn’t love magnets??)

Disclaimer: I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any compensation and the views are my own.