Too early to plan for baby #2???



One of the million dollar questions in my life right now – What is the ideal age gap between kids? I guess there is no right or wrong answer to this. There are pros and cons to any gap (or none) and researchers have done their homework on this topic. You can find articles on financial impact, impact on the children’s development, their bond with each other and with their parents etc.

There is no right or wrong answer, two babies born a year apart, who should be best friends if statistics are to be believed, may have nothing in common. On the other hand, kids born 10 years apart may have the best sibling relationship ever. No one can predict relationships in the long run. That said, I think my concerns will be limited to how the age gap between my children will impact me personally. I believe that as long as we create the right atmosphere, the children will have a good chance of becoming best friends whether they are 2 years apart or 4.

I have a toddler (16 mo), and I barely get enough sleep at night, so one of the first things on my list of “am I ready for baby #2” is physical readiness. Am I fit enough? Rested? Healthy? Able to provide a safe, healthy, strong environment for a baby to grow? That is truly more important than any considerations of sibling relationships. (And in my case, have I lost enough weight that if I gain another 30 lb with my second pregnancy, I will be ok? I havent lost the baby weight from #1 so at this point, my answer is a resounding NO)

Financial readiness: If I spend as much on #2 as I did on #1, can I afford it….and of course, I will continue to spend on #1

Does any consideration really even matter if you’re bitten by the baby bug (like I am) and you know its time? Im definitely healthy enough to make a healthy baby, and money can be worked out. But convincing my husband that we should have another LO is another ball game altogether.

Do any of you have spouses that have taken convincing when you are ready for a baby? Do you have the baby fever and your SO doesnt? Any ideas on how I can convince him DS NEEDS a sibling? 🙂



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