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Classics and favorites – Pride and Prejudice!


I recently revisited an old favorite, Pride and Prejudice. I love Ms Austen’s skill of presenting the mundane in such a way as to make it exciting. Anyhow, since I now know most of the lines by heart, I wanted more. I found Pamela Aiden’s spinoff – Fitzwilliam Darcy – a Gentleman (a trilogy of books that represent the goings on of P&P from Darcy’ viewpoint).

I guiltlessly spent money on the books since the kindle version cost as much – the thought of a library never occurred to me – and set about devouring the books within three days. In addition to playing tennis and working, I pride myself in that accomplishment. As Ms Aiden would say – proper pride!

Not a bad book per se….I would have liked the end to go a little beyond P&P, but then the author only claims this to be the same story from Darcy’s viewpoint, so that is not really a flaw. I am, however, disappointed somewhat with the Darcy I met in her pages. I believe it is rightly said that one should not meet one’s childhood heroes, one is sure to be disappointed. Darcy was not my hero, but he was definitely my ideal crush. I grew up reading P&P over and over again, and with each reading, the character of Darcy grew a little more in my mind.

I am someone who dislikes watching movie adaptations of books I like. The characters as imagined by the director and producer never match what I have in mind…and having a very vivid imagination, all characters of books I read are real flesh and blood people to me. I was disappointed in Harry Potter, disgusted with Twilight, so-so about The Da Vinci Code and felt like my dream was taken and smeared with dirt with the 2005 P&P adaptation. Keira Knightly is the worst Elizabeth ever! The Darcy wasnt too bad….

Anyhow, I cannot blame Aiden for her representation of the character as she saw it. But to me, that spoiled my mental Darcy a little bit.

Do you read? Do you like movies that step out of the pages of books you love? I think it will take me a while before I can venture on another Jane Austen extension. I guess I will try Emma next – never liked her much anyway!


The sad story of Joe


K…that is kind of misleading, but not all the way. I do mean Joe, but Joe as in Coffee, not as in a human. Those that know me know that I love coffee, cold or hot, creamy or bitter. I delight in it, but Im not addicted. I am no devil in the morning without coffee. In fact, most days I dont drink coffee at all. It is a treat that I relish when I do, though.

So…in tune with that love, I am a great follower of Starbucks. Some love it, some hate it. Rarely is anyone neutral about it. I am obviously on the “fan” end of the spectrum. So you can imagine my delight when I found that Starbucks has an android app. Finally I could consolidate my “Gold” card from Starbucks and the card on my keychain that has faithfully paid for my coffees and frappuccinos over the years. And you cannot begin to imagine my joy when I paid for my coffee with my phone! How fabulous…I can now get coffee if all I have on me is my phone.

Anyhow, I digress. That is not a sad story…the sad story I remark upon is the disastrous purchase of a Brew1 Single Serve coffee Brewer on Groupon. Being coffee crazy, I have been looking for a coffee maker, so when I found a gorgeous red one in my budget, I grabbed it. Unluckily, it arrived without the reusable capsule, and nowhere could I find the capsules that go with this coffee maker (lesson- do not buy something you’ve never heard of and cannot find on Amazon). After complaining about it to groupon, I went crazy and bought a black and decker Brew n’Go from Amazon. By the time that arrived, Groupon sent me the missing capsule for the Brew1.

End result? I now have two coffee makers for someone that does not brew more than a cup a day – if that. Im hoping someone will take one off my hands. If not, I guess I will use the coffee maker that suits my mood for the day! 😛