Philosophizing, or being my silly self :P


“God sleeps in the rock,
dreams in the plant,
stirs in the animal,
and awakens in man.”

— Sufi Teaching

Amazing, isnt it! I guess to some extent I disagree with this ancient Sufi belief though. I think the God that awakened in man has gone back to slumber.  Now I sound like a true cynic. Not so….I love life, and believe in the essential goodness of all things God created. Which, it struck me as some kind of great realization, that we humans are created by the same Creator too! And just like that, my respect for my kind increased three fold!

Im not a great Michael Jackson fan..What has MJ got anything to do with respect for life, the power of the cosmos etc etc? Well, the other day, I heard “Heal The World” on my way back from work. You’ve got to admit, it is very hummable. While I uncaringly hummed along with the car stereo, I realized just how profound the song really was. And I silently included the song to mean that we need to protect this earth, our home and that of every other species and race that lives here. All of a sudden, the interstate, and the 70 miles that stretched out between me and home seemed so full of life and color. I was cheering the crow that flew off the road in the nick of time, the squirrel that ran along with a nut, and the little herd of deer that grazed so peacefully not 10 feet from the interstate, before I realized that my car does not  have tinting and any fellow travelers in the next lane that glance in my direction might think me insane. So I muted my expression of cheer to a silent appreciation of all creatures living.

All creatures living with pure innocence ingrained in their souls includes my dogs. Is there any pleasure greater than the unconditional love and loyalty we get from these amazing creatures? Their infinite capacity to forgive and accept us for who we are is unbelievably inspiring. No doubt holding your own little baby and rocking her to sleep is claimed to be one of the best joys of life (source: my sister)….but can anything match the gratitude and non judgemental support we get from our pets? I dont know, I dont have kids. But if how I was as a kid is any clue, the nicest of kids (hey, I was a nice kid!) are capable of meanness to the saintliest of mothers…..I still regret my many teenage tantrums.Unfortunately, not all can be blamed on hormones. Life is simpler in doggy world.

Ive met many people who are “dog” people or “cat” people. Very rarely are they equally fond of both. And then of course, there is the lesser population that will love and care for birds and more unusual pets like snakes and lizards, who I respect also. Having said that, I am a confessed dog person. I adore dogs, I would do anything for them, and my two are my babies. I know I could probably be one of those that loves dogs and cats, but I havent interacted with too many cats to know how I vibe with them .

I love them, adore them, but today I was a bad pet mom. I left my black lab out in our screened porch and totally forgot about him for about 3.5 hours!!! I know, I was equally aghast at this sign of animal cruelty I never knew I could be capable of. Generally, leaving a dog out is not cruelty. They love  being out, and the screened porch is as safe a place as any. However, as most of us know, the summer is here already, and leaving any A/C addicted pet out in the middle of the day, in the sunshine state, is an unforgivable offense. When I finally realized that my black boy(black absorbs heat more than any other color-that doubles my offense!!) was not curled up beside his brother on the couch, and remembered that I had left him out, I panicked. The ingenious dog, who never will damage the screen or the plants in the porch, had neatly pushed open a triangle of space in one of the nets and was gone!! Being a mamma’s boy, however, he came trotting right back from the golf course the minute I called him, and stood waiting patiently while I fixed up the net again. I was so remorseful, thinking of the poor dear waiting outside the door for hours before attempting to open the net and get under the trees! And such is the love and loyalty of dogs, that in spite of all, my victimized doggy forgave me and followed me around all day!! Can anything beat that?

I know, I ramble. Isnt it great though? I can be self centered, start every sentence with an “I”, ramble about my favorite things here, and all because nobody really cares on the internet. I cannot feel self conscious when no one is judging. I love blogging!!!! Yay for a friend substitute!!!


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