What I Made Today: Potholder


Lately I have become a strong champion for using cast iron for most of my cooking. I have quit using non stick altogether. That said, using pure cast iron (not enamel coated) can be a little difficult since the handles get hot and usually dont have wood or anything else to hold with.

Most of my cast iron is Lodge, and I also have some enamel coated cast iron Le Creuset. When I bought the pot, I got a potholder with it, which cost something like $8 (not sure)….so now that most of my things are cast iron and I have only one holder to go with them all (which is used so frequently, it has changed color), I decided to make my own.

I didnt have any of the soft spongelike material that makes these things comfortable to hold, so I used double layers of fabric and a layer of interfacing in between. Tried it out tonight, and it works just as well as the shop bought one.

A potholder is intuitive enough to make, so I will only add pictures here, but I just realized how easy it is to do small things around the house and save up for the luxuries 😛

I cut two pieces of interfacing and 4 pieces of fabric in this shape

Sew each interfacing between two pieces of fabric, wrong sides in

You will end up with two pieces like this

Seal the tops in like this

pin the two pieces together , folded sides out leaving the top open for the skillet handle to enter

Sew them together and turn it right side out

And use it on your skillet or griddle

Hope you liked it. I know its not much, but it took me only 10 minutes and saved me 8 bucks 🙂


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