Update and New Stuff!


Time for an update! Its now week 2 of my Insanity (LOL, my insanity for sure!) My ankles creak when I rotate them, and I dont think I ever properly appreciated a rest day in my life before. Every minute of the rest day is precious. Just like every microsecond of the 30 second water breaks you get during the workouts is heaven. I very literally sound like Im having an asthma attack, my body is so starved for oxygen during these intense cardio sessions.

Here is what I did today:

I will admit, I havent been perfect. I did skip one workout and my diet has been way below par. As soon as I started Insanity, I started getting hungrier. Which is a known phenomenon. However, unfortunately, PMS struck and I ate truckloads of junk instead of the prescribed salads and fruits. I am now suitably humbled by my lack of drastic weight loss and I vow to stick with some form of healthy eating going forward.

So, the workout itself – all I have breath left for, and barely- is WOW! Who TH came up with this? Im so glad I was not  a couch potato when I started. It would have disheartened and scarred me for life. As it is, I take more breaks than my pride allows for and end the workout breathing in carpet fibers. Who would have thought a warm up could be this hard???

I love the workouts, dont get me wrong. The best thing about them is how quickly time passes when you are stretching, drinking water etc. And how slowly it moves when your body is screaming for mercy and your mind tells you to push through the last 10 seconds.

I am not here to review the workout really, just analyze my reaction to it. So my results? Ive lost a sum total of 2 lbs as of this morning, in about a week and half. My body hurts (could have something to do with the fall I took the other day, and that I havent slept well in a few days), and I think I have given up the idea of doing two workouts today to make up for the one I missed. I cant find any day on the calendar that I want to do two workouts on, and no, I am not missing my off day for anything! So….still thinking about the extra workout, and that makes me more determined to not miss any more, so I wont have to make up any more!!!

Onto funner stuff than WO make ups. I have been obsessing on and off for a while about getting a calorie tracker that tracks the calories you burn through the day. Mostly because I am curious to see how my metabolic rate burns the calories I eat (which I track on MyFitnessPal ) . So I spent a while hankering after the famous bodybugg and the slightly less famous but equally pricey bodymedia. Though these were very tempting, I realized that even if I could afford them, which I probably could with some stinginess on the side, they still charged monthly fees for the website and I would feel guilty spending that…..

Enter FitBit!! I read over 500 reviews of this, I was so obsessed that I even watched YouTube videos of people reviewing the FitBit!!! My better half calls me crazy, but thats me 🙂

My dad used to say that the best way to deal with temptation was to give in (within reasonable limits of course). So I, being the obedient daughter that I am ;P, finally gave in to the temptation and ordered a FitBit. Now, I am not the most reasonable person on the planet. Sometimes I do take things a little to the extreme. So when I saw a fitbit that was pink and black (plum, they call it) instead of the blue and black thats been around a while, I went ahead and got that. And yes, it was a whole 10 bucks more. Why did I do it? No idea. I love pink….Will it make a difference if something thats clipped to my clothes is pink or blue so long as it works? Maybe not. But I thought I would feel that much happier clipping on a pink fitbit than blue. Call me crazy…my dear family does. Now that I have twinges of guilt rearing their ugly heads, I hope its worth the extra money.

Come to think of it, I couldve gotten me a nice Thai lunch for that amount :(….Well, the milk is spilt, or in this case, Amazon has my money, so if the thing works, Im a happy girl!

I cant wait for it to get here-it will arrive the day after tomorrow. Im still reading about it so I am all ready to set it up soon as it arrives 🙂


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