Day 2 of Insanity


I had decided on a week by week update, so I only subject the site to 6 torturous reads through my workout phase. However, I had to write about the beginning of this crazy new step in my life.

It is Day 2 of my Insanity challenge. I am sore in places I never expected (back????). Usually I am sore in all the good usual places with any new workout- arms, legs, abs. So, I was a little concerned that I might be doing something wrong. The whole workout (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) involved a lot of jumping and squatting, so naturally I presumed that the parts of my body that would be hurting would be my calves/quads/hamstrings.

Weirdly enough, I guess because the whole workout is insane, its my back that hurts. My ankles were killing me halfway through, but I have low arches and my ankles always hurt after any kind of running/jumping…another reason I was never an athlete.

That said, I did some research on why my back was hurting. If it was bad form, I sure as hell wanted to know so I dont end up with long term problems…turns out it might be that I have a weak core, so am not using my core as much as I should, i.e if you jump and lunge around a lot ad dont use your core, you will end up with back pain. Good to know.

Im excited about noticing these details and trying to better myself the next day!

Another thing that everyone (online) says is that a heart rate monitor is a great tool. So I got one from Walmart for cheap (29$), an S7 SportLine Heart Rate Monitor. I guess you get what you pay for. All through my workout, I tried at intervals to measure my heart rate, but had no luck. I will try a few more days and return it if this doesnt work. Probably my finger position was not right, not sure. Anyhow, how picky can something be if its supposed to measure your heart rate during exercise?? Ive tried a BodyTech heart rate monitor in the past, but Im not a huge fan of chest straps. The one I got was so big that the last hole was still too big and the strap would constantly slide down, which can be very distracting during a workout.

I have to drive two hours to work tomorrow, so I may not WO in the morning, but cant wait to take on the next workout in the evening! šŸ™‚


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